Moovr is a mobile app that connects users with drivers that either have a large truck or some sort of moving van. The idea was born out of a casual conversation between friends about how they wish there was an easier and affordable way to move from one house, apartment or office to another. The options are either to pay an expensive moving company, track down a friend with a large car and hope that they're available to help you move or find a random person on craigslist whose service is not rated or verified. Creating a mobile app to simplify the process of moving was a great idea and would need a strong brand identity to help it take off.


The challenge was to create branding that represented all types of moving without being cliché. It was essential for it to be versatile enough to be used in different formats in order to accommodate a mobile app. A custom type font was created for the name of the app but the icon is what really ties everything together. A cardboard box made the perfect icon because it's simple and practically the universal symbol for moving. Whether someone is moving from a house, apartment or office, there's a good chance they're using some sort of box to transport smaller items or clothes. The icon can be used in different contexts to communicate what Moovr is all about.