Tetra Pak is a global beverage and food packaging company that pioneered aseptic cartons. This technology extends the shelf life of the product inside (up to one year) without the need for refrigeration, resulting in less energy and food waste. Even though Tetra Pak is an enormous multinational company, they're relatively unknown in the United States and Canada. Tetra Pak asked Madwell to create a consumer facing website in order to boost recognition and educate consumers about the advantages of carton packaging in these North American markets. The website also features stories on a wide range of environmental issues including natural resources, sustainable practices and cutting edge eco-friendly technology.


The result is a sleek, simple and easy-to-use website that allows the viewer to easily digest each story. This was done by creating interesting, easy-to-read content and breaking it up with infographics, bold imagery and pull quotes. The “featured exhibit” sections give the reader a break from reading and allows them to interact with different infographics/ galleries which break up information into engaging visuals. The website was very well received by the public and beat predicted user engagement rates. You can view the website in it’s entirety here. (Created while working for Madwell)