The Deep End started off as a house music night at a Downtown San Diego bar but as it’s popularity grew, so did the level of talent behind the decks. It soon gained the reputation of being the best night for house music in San Diego by consistently booking talented, well-known Djs. They know that having the same consistency of quality in their overall branding and flyers is very important.


It was important the new identity reflected the underwater theme established by the name. In addition, the identity needed to be bold in order to appeal to DJs and music lovers alike. The idea to use a submarine as the logo came from The Deep End’s catch phrase “take the plunge” which evokes a sense of adventure. The addition of abstract patterns came later in order to have a common thread that weaves all branded materials together. This makes any branded item instantly associated with The Deep End without the need to use the submarine everywhere.

(Creative Direction + Design)